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Union Pacific 2nd generation "veranda" turbines

Union Pacific 2nd generation "veranda" turbines
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Units 51 to 60 were delivered to the Union Pacific. These were essentially identical to the prototype except that they had cabs at only one end. These and later turbines were nearly always equipped with fuel tenders converted from old steam locomotive tenders, with a capacity of 23,000 US gallons (87,000 l). A heating apparatus was installed to make sure that the fuel would flow properly. The tenders were also equipped with MU connections so that trailing diesel locomotives could be controlled as well.

The turbines rarely operated alone; most usually operated with at least two diesel locomotives in their consist, as protection. Should the turbine fail en route, the diesels could be used in allowing the train to clear the main track. UP 57 was briefly converted to burn propane and was equipped with a pressurized tank car as a tender. This fuel burned cleanly but was more difficult to transport. No other conversions were attempted.

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