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Location: Shortcut to Homepage /World War II/D-Day/D-Day - 6 June 1944/4th Infantry Division lands on Utah Beach

4th Infantry Division lands on Utah Beach

4th Infantry Division lands on Utah Beach
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4th Infantry Division unloads on Utah Beach from U.S. Coast Gaurd LCI, destroyed vehicles and body's lie all over beach. Casualties on Utah Beach, the westernmost landing zone, were the lightest of any beach with 197 out of roughly 23,000 troops landed.

4th Infantry Division found themselves in the wrong positions due to a current that pushed their landing craft to the southeast. Instead of landing at Tare Green and Uncle Red sectors, they came ashore at Victor sector, which was lightly defended. Relatively little German opposition was encountered. Brig. General Theodore Roosevelt Jr, the Asst. Commander of 4th Division, was famous for stating "We'll start the war from right here."

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