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RSS Feeds

 You can get our news delivered to you as we publish by using our XML/RSS news feeds. Pick which lists of stories, videos and blog postings you want, and you'll receive short descriptions with links to full versions in your favorite news reader program or on a Web page which collects feeds for you such as MyYahoo, AOL, MyMSN, or others. You can even add our current news feeds to appear on your blog.

 What are RSS/XML news feeds?

 RSS - "Really Simple Syndication," also called "Rich Site Summary" - is a popular way to share online news and video updates so people quickly know what's new. In most Web browsers, clicking on an RSS feed will simply give you a screen full of code; that's raw XML. To make sense of it, you'll either need to download a news reader program or use a Web site which collects and displays RSS feeds.

 If you need a desktop software application, search online for available news readers or aggregators. Some of these programs are free, others cost a small fee, but note that we don't make any of these products. New programs change and become available all the time, and we are not responsible for the use of such software products or the content of external internet sites.

 Another option is to subscribe to our news feeds through a customized Web page such as MyYahoo, AOL, My MSN, your personalized Google page, Bloglines, Newsgator, Pluck, or Rojo. These Web sites allow you to collect RSS feeds from accross the Web and review them in all in one place.
What are the terms of use for these feeds?

 Terms of Use: RSS Feeds are available for personal or non-profit use. You may link to as many sections as you wish. You may not copy full stories. Proper credit must be given if displaying feeds. Please limit updating of feeds to 30 minutes. We reserve the right to disable any feeds at any time without notice.
How do I add your feed to a news reader?

 Drag the orange XML icon of the feed you want shown at right into your news reader. Chances are the program will ask you if you want to subscribe for updates to the feed. If that does not work, click the XML icon and, from your Web browser's "Address" or "Location" field, cut and paste the Web address link into the new feed setup screen of your news reader. You can customize how much or how little of each feed you will see, as well as how often your feed updates. See your program's READ ME help files for more information.

 How do I add a feed to a personalized Web site?

 We've set up a one-click way to subscribe to our news feeds using several popular RSS sites. First, click in the "XML Subscription Selection" box above to choose which Web site you use for RSS feeds. Next, click the icon next to the news feed you want in the listing shown at right. You will then be able to confirm getting updates right away.
How do I add news feeds to my blog?

 Several blogging sites and programs, such as Yahoo 360 or Wordpress, allow you to add RSS feeds to appear in a list next to your own posts and comments. Click the XML icon and from you Web browser's "Address" or "Location" field, then cut and paste the Web address link of the raw XML feed into the RSS setup box of your blog. Check out your blog's documentation for more specific details.

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